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Best Foods to Eat for Your Skin

We all want great looking baby soft skin, right? But how can you obtain such skin especially if you have been neglecting your skin recently? There are many moisturizers and treatments that you can take to increase your chances of great looking skin while repairing the damage that you may have caused by neglecting it. But did you know that you can get good skin by eating certain types of food? According to an article on Fitness, healthy looking skin can be obtained by taking a more natural route and eating the correct foods. Research has found that getting various nutrients from dining on particular foods can help in skin radiance, wrinkle reduction, and even acne prevention. Some of the foods you should be feasting on for your skins sake include: chocolate (get on your glow with at least 70 percent cacao), yogurt (combat wrinkles), pomegranates (assist in protection your skin), walnuts (makes skin soft), peppers (eliminate crow’s feet), sunflower seeds (brighten skin), kidney beans (fight acne), soy (even skin tone), oatmeal (helps you look young), and green tea (eliminates redness). In another skin health article, it discussed some additional foods that you can use to help fight off skin damage and get younger looking skin. These foods include: strawberries, olive oil, and pumpkins. Whatever you decide to put in your mouth you should always make sure that you are feeding your skin as well as your tummy.

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