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Four Common Kinds of Headaches that Cause Pain in the Back of the Head

Headaches bring pain or secondary symptoms in another party of the body. The location and cause of the pain can vary. But, a pain in the headache in back of head or neck is a common problem and it can be caused by different conditions such as the following:

Tension Headache

Pain in the back of the head is commonly caused by tension headache. This pain can last up to one week, although it can also be brief and last for less than one hour. Symptoms of this kind of headache include mild to moderate pain but occasionally severe, tightening around the back or front of the head, nausea or vomiting, and others. Tension headache can be caused by a lack of sleep, stress, tiredness, poor posture, sinus pain, and others. Acetaminophen or aspirin can be taken to relieve this pain. But, alternative treatments can be necessary when pain occurs more frequently.


This is a recurring headache that usually begins during childhood and becomes more frequent with age. Adults with migraines can suffer from migraine many times every week. Symptoms of migraines include throbbing intense pain on one side of the head, visual disturbance, nausea or vomiting, and sensitivity to noise, smell, or light. There are many factors that can trigger migraines. In general, these factors include anxiety, depression, and stress, lack of food, loud noises and strong smells, inadequate sleep and more. Treating migraines include analgesics like acetaminophen or aspirin and resting in a darkened room. But, for serious migraine cases, doctors might prescribe anti-migraine drugs.

Occipital Neuralgia

This type of headache starts from the base of the neck and spreads up to the back of the head and behind the ears. This can be caused by irritation of or damage to the occipital nerves, neck tension, and underlying diseases. Treatment for this headache can include heat pack application, massage, rest, anti-inflammatory medicines, and physical therapy.

Medication-Overuse Headaches

This kind of headache may develop after using too much pain relievers for other kinds of headaches. If this happens, the person can experience persistent, nearly daily headaches, pain when waking up, and other symptoms. To treat this kind of headache, it is important to stop taking pain relievers entirely. Although headaches can become at first, it will quickly resolve. In serious cases, it is necessary to see a doctor. Some sufferers may need physical or behavioral therapy to break the cycle of use of pain relievers.

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