Who am I? A journey in faith

There is a purpose for everything we get involved in while on our earthly journey. Times exist when we can decipher some of these purposes, and at other times, things just seem to happen without us knowing the meaning. Purpose and meaning are elements that cannot be overlooked whenever it comes to mankind, for we know that God doesn’t just make – He makes for a purpose. We’ve been created to do His goodwill and please Him, but the thing is that we all have different paths in life.

In finding this path and attempting to play our part, we may ponder on questions like “Why am I here?” This – or maybe something similar – is one question that is common to individuals who seem to have “toiled all night” – without having much (success) to show for their efforts. But it doesn’t have to be so; it’s an inquiry every person who desires to live purposefully ought to be intentional about answering.

One wouldn’t be wrong to state that this is one question that is at the intersection between fulfillment and toiling, and it’s worth giving attention to. And the truth is that it is such a question you may not get a perfect answer by looking through any Christian literature, for it begins the journey into self-discovery. However, you can always look to the One, who has given you life and filled you with a purpose, to lead you into the full knowledge of who you are – and you must be willing to yield.

Fate OR Faith?

Where one fails to identify the purpose for being, they are bound to flow along with what is generally perceptible – it would be more about fate. All men are made to exist and die someday, and the cycle continues. There can, however, be more to it for anyone who has chosen to go through the journey of faith – which is one of purpose. This can be likened to the experience of the first disciples of Jesus Christ. We saw how he recruited Peter, a fisherman, and brought him into his divine purpose. This is the ultimate essence of our being – to do the will of God. While everyone may not be called to ministry – for the technical usage of the word – it is God’s will that we all establish His kingdom in different spheres of our lives – from the home to workspaces, academic institutions, etc.

Who am I?

This is another credible question that should take one closer to discovering one’s purpose in life. It precedes the soul-searching journey as it brings an individual closer to themselves. It’s a question that seeks to probe into the purpose of creation – on a personal basis. And, there is no better way to discover who you truly are than finding your place in Christ Jesus. For without Him, nothing was made that was made.

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