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5 Signs You Should Call A Tree Service Professional

As a homeowner, you are responsible for caring for your trees, but it’s sometimes difficult to tell when it’s time to call a tree service Roswell professional. While diagnosing the problem yourself may be challenging, there are some common signs that signal it’s time to hire a professional.


Cavities in trees are signs that your tree is in need of service. They may appear as holes or cracks in the trunk of the tree, indicating decay or infestation. If you notice these signs, you may need to call a tree service professional to assess the situation. This will also give you an idea of whether or not the tree needs to be removed.

Large cavities should be removed. You should also make sure the wood surrounding the stem and trunk is at least two inches thick. In addition, the opening in the tree should be 30% of the circumference.

Lack of buds

A lack of buds is a telltale sign of a dying tree. Decaying buds are fragile and can be easily broken. Regular inspection of tree buds can prevent the spread of disease before it reaches the tree’s trunk. Other signs that your tree may be dying include leaves that are yellowing or deformed. You can also identify a tree’s health based on its leaf fall cycle.

A healthy tree will have green leaves and green, moist stems. A tree with brown leaves is unhealthy. If it lacks buds, it may be suffering from a bacterial infection. It may also have scorched leaves.

Unusual growth patterns

If you notice that your trees are not growing like they normally do, it’s probably time to call a tree service professional. These abnormal growth patterns can indicate a variety of issues, including tree diseases, weak roots, and cracks. Luckily, there are some easy ways to identify these problems.

A tree’s roots are the most vital part of its structure. They are responsible for getting water and nutrients into the soil. Without healthy roots, a tree will not survive. Even healthy roots can be affected by pests and rot, so it’s important to seek professional help.

Symptoms of tree diseases can include large branches breaking off, wilting leaves, and rotting branches. Fortunately, many diseases are treatable and don’t require removal. However, the best solution for a diseased tree is to have it pruned properly.

Decaying roots

Decaying roots are a tell-tale sign of tree health problems. They are often accompanied by decay in the surrounding wood. The presence of cavities can lead to structural instability, which requires tree removal. Professionals can determine if the tree can be saved or needs to be removed.

The roots of a tree are extremely important. They get their nutrients from the ground and hold the tree in place. If the roots are dead or decaying, the tree is likely to fall and cause injury to people or property. Calling a tree service professional is the best way to avoid such a catastrophe.

Decaying roots can also affect the structure of a tree. This can cause it to lean or to rise in the ground. A tree service professional can assess the root system to determine if it needs to be removed.

Trees too close to power lines

It is important to call a tree service professional if you have a tree that is too close to a power line. This situation is not a do-it-yourself project and can be very dangerous. In addition, you should never attempt to trim a tree that is too close to a power line. This can result in a power outage or even worse, a fire.

Trees that are too close to power lines are dangerous, and should be removed as soon as possible. This can save lives and property. You should also consider the cost of tree removal, stump grinding, and pruning. The cost of these services depends on the size of the tree and the location.

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