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Diet Tips during Chemotherapy

While we hope you won’t ever need it, we at Breast Cancer Car Donations have created a checklist of practical tips to help guide you in eating healthy during your chemotherapy treatment. While this may not be an end-all solution, it offers helpful tips that can give you ideas and …

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What skills and attitudes are essential to a clinical nurse leader (CNL)?

Working as a clinical nurse leader is a challenging and varied role requiring a wide-ranging skillset. Some required skills for this role include leadership, organization, communication, and time management. As a natural career path for those looking for a rewarding role in a clinical setting, training as a clinical nurse …

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6 Signs of Dementia to Look Out For

If you’re concerned about dementia, then you’re not alone. Statistics show that as many as one out of five adults is affected by dementia.  Whether you’re concerned for yourself, or someone you love, an early diagnosis is the best way to handle this condition. To help you identify dementia early …

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How To Explain Difficult Topics To Your Kids

A child’s mind is constantly soaking up new information by the second. They know they have a world to explore and are genuinely invested in its discovery. However, now and then, they encounter complex topics that their mind needs help to make sense of on the go. What do you …

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Choosing Your Sunglasses To Enjoy The Summer

Summer is finally here, and this year, more than ever, it’s normal to want to take full advantage of it! And who says enjoying the beautiful season necessarily says sunbathing, going out, walking, going to the beach, or even hiking in the mountains and having a good time by the …

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Professional Hair Removal Is Convenient

Having hair on certain parts of your body won’t be convenient. Some men have problems with back hair, and women might be frustrated by leg hair. Perhaps you would like to come up with a permanent hair removal solution to make your life easier. You can always count on laser …

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