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A Modest Guide to BBQ Rangehoods

Outdoor BBQ rangehoods not only remove odors, oil, and smoke from your food prepping area, but they also add flair and refinement to almost any space. Finding the correct range hood might be difficult with the increase of people now choosing to spend more family time together and, eating outdoors. You’ll need to make sure you have the correct equipment for your needs;

What exactly is an outdoor grill rangehood?

A BBQ rangehood, like an interior range hood, is an extremely strong exhaust system that resides above your BBQ area or Outdoor Kitchen. These systems catch grease, steam, smoke, heat, and odors by drawing air up into a specific filter through an internal fan. It then exhausts all of the undesirable gases and smoke via its ducting.

Is an outside BBQ rangehood required?

If your outdoor gathering space is enclosed, a BBQ rangehood, is a must. Outdoor rangehoods will protect neighboring ceilings and walls from grease accumulation, requiring less cleaning at the end, and will reduce the intensity of cooking odours and smoke blowing into the home (and the neighbour’s backyard). If, for example, you have a large amount of outside space, live on acres, or have no close neighbours.

The power of the exhaust, however, distinguishes an outdoor rangehood from an inside one. Because an outdoor rangehood is intended specifically for outdoor use, the distinctions include not only the volume of air circulated, but also the safety of the flue kit and a higher level of heat protection from the grill below. In a nutshell, it’s heavy duty.


The depth of most BBQ rangehoods, ranges from 650mm to 800mm. The rangehood you buy should be the same size as or greater than your BBQ. If you have extra hotplates or grills, the rangehood should be large enough to cover them as well.


Because BBQ cooking produces more heat, fumes, and smoke than regular stovetop cooking, a rangehood that circulates at least 2000 cubic meters of air per hour is required. Anything less than this will not be able to manage any fumes or smoke produced by your BBQ.

If your BBQ has an open grill, your range hood should be at least 1200mm above the grill.

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