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Five Creative Activities To Give Team Building A Try

It’s the old saying: unity is strength. More synergy and a good combination of potential between teams can work miracles for your company. And if, on paper, the theory seems like child’s play, applying it in everyday life may not be the simplest of tasks. But without despair, the methods can be used intelligently — and creatively.

That’s what you thought: we’re talking about Team Building (in free translation, “Team Building”), a technique of engagement in corporate environments where the proposal encourages the development of emotional and business intelligence skills. All this through activities that challenge, amuse and, above all, strengthen the team’s employees.

Many activities can be applied within the Team Building universe, but which ones will bring the entire workforce to the same page regarding the company’s purposes? Don’t worry; we simplify! Here are some basic activities to test with your team. Let’s go or visit website.

  1. A Pet To Call Your Own

Connecting with several people in Day Camps for Kids for example is not always easy. With that in mind, the activity tests the team’s communication skills. Divide the team into two groups: one is instructed to make an origami animal’s head. The second group will have to do the same activity but receive guidance from group one. Thus, the challenge teaches lessons about the challenges of effective communication within teams.

  1. Go

An ice-breaking activity: the collaborators are divided into pairs, always composed of someone blindfolded and which allows themselves to be guided by the other, in a series of challenges launched throughout the game. As a gift, the development of confidence in individual decision-making and those taken by the partner.

  1. Purpose Impactor Ray

A day to broaden the view of the other and, simultaneously, to rediscover the company’s sense of purpose. A playful action with an NGO or charity institution can strengthen the team’s sentimental relationships with the brand. Thus, it is possible to promote in a single day the union of teamwork with the recognition that each one will make about their place in the world and society.

  1. A Map In A Puzzle

Everyone is locked in a bus or a van, and the means of transport only leave the place if there is a well-drawn route. But where is this map? Distributed among the gifts! When putting together a collective puzzle, everyone challenges themselves in a situation that requires quick answers, leadership, and a lot of teamwork.

  1. Crossing The Lake

In the activity, a lake with many obstacles is the perfect request to take the team to extreme levels, which will require companionship and willpower. In a save-it-yourself situation, participants discover that “one for all, all for one” is the only mantra that will lead them to victory.

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