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How to Start Printing T-Shirt Business?

Starting any business nowadays can be really hard because everything is accessible now and you could open a store in a few clicks. Having a great idea is just a small point in making a company that will be profitable so don’t get to excited because you will need to learn a lot before even making the first sale. But, even if there is a lot to learn, there are many tutorials related to custom shirts business.

The T-shirt business is competitive like every other but making your own designs can always be a smart idea if people start to like it. Making your own brand would be more profitable but in that case, you will need to work on advertising and the purpose behind your brand. Having the right people to work with you is also very important because you won’t be able to manage everything yourself when you start selling.

Choosing a Niche

The first thing you need to know when starting a clothing business is what niche you will work on. If you have many kinds of shirt, it will be hard for a customer to decide and it won’t look organized so focusing on a certain topic is a better option. A lot of people are just copying what is happening on the internet and you can find many meme shirts that are being sold by online shops.

Read more about it here: https://ecomdominators.com/2018/04/19/tshirt-niches/

One of the best tips is to offer to the market what they are hyped at the moment. If there is a new season of a famous TV show, you can make a design related to it and it will sell for sure with the right advertising. These shops don’t last too long but you can change the niche when something new comes up which happens every few months. Choosing a niche is only one of the few most important things for shirt business.

Market Research

If you are making shirts out of viral things on the internet, it is easier to target people because you know who is watching and sharing memes. You could just focus on people that are following these famous Instagram or Facebook pages. If that isn’t the case, you will need to do deeper research. Making your own brand is very hard because they need to trust your company.

Getting their trust happens with great service and focuses on their emotion towards the product. You need to have a purpose behind the brand that people will recognize. Don’t start with investing a lot of money into ads because that usually doesn’t work. It’s better to try a few different areas and calculate which one works the best. You don’t want to spend more money then you gain. Read more in this page.

Competition is the second thing you should focus on. Because new printing shops are made every day, it is difficult to be among the best so make sure you know what they are doing. It’s okay to copy the best but to beat them you need to add something new that will improve the sales. Most of the ideas you have are already made so try adding a unique mark so people can recognize it is yours.

Printing Techniques

There are 3 main way ways you can print t-shirts. Each one of them has its advantages and disadvantages so it will depend on your business what will suit you the most. Even if you hire someone to print for you, you should understand how the job is done and check if you can make a bigger profit with someone else.

Screen printing has been done for a long time and it’s still the most popular way to print a shirt. Durability is crucial if you want your customers to be satisfied and that’s where screen printing is good at. If you print in bulk, you will make the most profit. It isn’t recommended when you have a complex design and if you use more than 5 colors. This can increase production time and cost a lot. Use it for large batches and for simple images. Check this for more info.

The second method is heat transfer which has several forms. Most local offices supply stores have heat transfer paper and this works on the same principle. It’s great when you can print a shirt whenever you like by sending the data from your computer to the machine but there is a problem with running a business with it. You will need to have a more professional version which is more expensive. It is very easy to work with them and relatively quick. The product will be less durable then screen printing and the investment is bigger.

Something that may be familiar to you is the direct-to-garment process which works like a printer you use at home. It uses ink which is printed directly on the shirt. An advantage here is that you can have images with great accuracy and in full-color. A good thing is that you won’t have any setup costs. It’s best used for small orders. The disadvantage is that it isn’t so effective for large orders.

Creating the Design

Creating a shirt design has never been easier with the programs we have today. If you just don’t have the artist in you, you can easily hire a professional for the job. It’s recommended to use freelancing websites where you can pay a small amount for a great design. Some of them will charge less than $50 for a logo. The price will depend on the complexity.

Get more information here: https://looka.com/blog/how-much-does-a-logo-cost/

If you want to make your own design, you should look for free tools online because it takes time to learn the programs used by designers. When you finish it, make sure that people like what you did. Ask on forums if they like your design and if they would wear something like that. Some of them might buy the shirt but most forums don’t allow promotions.

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