A Complete Guide to Bouldering and How it Adds Adventure in Your Life

Bouldering is a form of rock climbing which requires technical knowledge. Many people enjoy climbing on the rocks.  It is performed on artificial rock walls or small rock formations without using ropes.  Moreover, it can be done without using any equipment. However, some climbers wear shoes as it ensures better footholds. It causes fewer injuries than free climbing. It is important to know various forms of bouldering.

Outdoor bouldering

Boulder problems depend on rock type being climbed. For an instance, granite features long slabs and cracks.  On the other hand, sandstone rocks are well known for frequent horizontal breaks and steep overhangs.  Volcanic rock and limestone are used for bouldering Montreal. Various bouldering areas are present in Canada, United States and Europe.

Highball bouldering

In this, the climber climbs simple tall boulders. The major factor in this type of climbing is the focus apart from other preventive measures used in other types of bouldering. It is considered that any height above 15 feet is highball bouldering and it can go as high as 35-40 feet after which it turns into free soloing.

Indoor bouldering

This is generally the most popular type these days, which is also known as artificial climbing. The walls are used to stimulate the problems in real time bouldering. It is created in indoor environment, which are also known as climbing gyms. These walls are made up of various materials such as polymer cement panels, wooden panels, concrete shell or sometimes actual rock walls. Holds are bolted into the walls to create bouldering problems. They are also made of different colors to differentiate the bouldering problems in a better manner. These gyms construct several problems in the same section of wall.

Using equipments

One of the best things about this game is that you don’t require many equipment as in other sports.  Some people tell that climbing shoes make a great difference when it comes to bouldering. However, others say that chalkbag is important. It has been noticed that the experienced climbers are seen carrying various materials such as shoes, brushes, chalk, crash pads and skincare kit.

It should be noticed that this type of climbing is safer than free soloing climbing. Besides, it is important to take into account minor injuries, which may come your way when you are bouldering. You must carry the medical first aid kit to manage these injuries in a better manner.

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