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Choosing Your Sunglasses To Enjoy The Summer

Summer is finally here, and this year, more than ever, it’s normal to want to take full advantage of it! And who says enjoying the beautiful season necessarily says sunbathing, going out, walking, going to the beach, or even hiking in the mountains and having a good time by the water? For this, good sunglasses are essential. But how to choose your sunglasses? The Home Opticians come to your home and meet your needs very simply, quickly, and efficiently!

Calling on Home Opticians offers many advantages! You can benefit from the expertise of an eyewear manufacturer entirely focused on your needs without leaving your home. Perfect when you’re short on time!

How To Choose Your Sunglasses To Protect Your Eyes Well? Advice From Home Opticians

Sunglasses like american eyewear for example are essential in summer and generally when the sun is shining. The sun’s UVA and UVB rays are likely to damage the most fragile areas of the eyes and thus increase the risk of cataracts, photokeratitis, and other eye diseases. Protecting yourself well is, therefore, equivalent to wearing, when necessary, good sunglasses.

It has been proven that the sun’s rays can damage very sensitive eye structures, such as the lens, and thus open the door to diseases that affect vision to varying degrees. Not to mention that in some situations, wearing sunglasses such as pilot sunglasses for example provides increased comfort. For example, wearing glasses prevents you from being dazzled by the sun when driving. Of course, everyone is affected by wearing sunglasses: adults and children alike. To benefit from the best advice, call on the Opticians at home.

Opticians At Home: How To Choose Your Sunglasses? The Criteria To Take Into Account

The protection index is the most important criterion to consider when looking to equip yourself with sunglasses capable of protecting the eyes as effectively as possible. It was in 1995 that a directive from the European Union about the index appeared. The scale for the protection index goes from 1 to 4.

Sunglasses index 1: the eyes are protected when the sun is attenuated. It is estimated that the percentage of protection here is from 20% to 57%. These glasses are quite suitable for cloudy weather but are not suitable when the sun is shining brightly in the sky.

Index 2 sunglasses: perfect sunglasses for average sunlight, with protection between 57% and 82%. On the other hand, these glasses become insufficient if the sun shines too strongly or there is too much reverberation.

Index 3 sunglasses: with protection ranging from 82% to 92%, these sunglasses are suitable for the sea or the mountains. Note that index 3 lenses can generally block 100% of UV rays from the sun.

Sunglasses index 4: here, the protection varies between 92% and 100%. UV is blocked (UVA and UVB). These glasses are recommended if the light is very strong. Please note that index 4 glasses are prohibited while driving. Indeed, if you pass through a tunnel, you will no longer be able to distinguish the road.

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