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Must-Watch Fitness Flicks to Motivate You

Exercising has a lot of benefits. On top of the list is generally a well-toned, fit body. In order to achieve that, a balanced and healthy diet is vital. Additionally, performance enhancements may come in handy, helping you reap maximum benefits out of your training regimen.

Fitness plays a significant role in cinema . Not all films portray something to do with exercising or fitness, however, there are some movies where fitness is definitely the central theme. It is always fascinating to see the actors performing various sports or stunts with ease, something which can often motivate you to get fitter.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at some films that are themed around fitness. These movies portray fitness in such a way that it may inspire you to get working out as soon as you can .

Full Metal Jacket

In this flick Mathew Modine stars as a U.S Marine journalist caught in the middle of the Vietnam War, experiencing the crisis firsthand. What makes this film a standout is the actions of the Marine recruits going through their drills in South Carolina This movie used the knowledge of a former U.S Marine drills instructor, as the directors wanted to give the audience a clear view of the training drills that Marines must undertake .

Rocky IV

This list would have been incomplete without mentioning at least one of the Rocky movies. The scene of Rocky and Drago training in Rocky IV makes it a standout from its prequels. The disparity between their modes of exercise is a scene to behold. In preparation for the fight, Drago uses high-end training equipment, performance enhancement substances and a team of trainers to study his every movement. On the other hand, Rocky lifts massive logs, cuts down trees, and runs through heavy snow across hazardous icy terrains.

The Bourne Identity

Matt Damon really did a good job on all the three Bourne movies. He stars as a solid-hitting special operations assassin dealing with identity issues. The parkour scenes in this trilogy will leave you in awe, imagining how the actors perform the moves with such ease and swiftness.


So far, all the movies we have covered are typical, action-oriented works. Step-Up is a drama film casting Channing Tatum a skilled but troubled dancer. Tatum’s character links up with a girl, Nora, to try and turn his fortunes around. Other than the romantic scenes between the two, the dance moves showcased in this movie will make you want to turn your living room into a dancefloor! Dancing also burns lots of calories! 300

This classic war film is based on the 1998 comic movie 300. The plot is based around King Leonidas, played by Gerard Butler, who leads his troop of 300 Spartan soldiers to war against the Persians. The physique of the Spartan soldiers will guaranteed leave you feeling like you need to hit the gym .

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