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Ovarian Cyst Removal Singapore: How long does it Take to Recover from the Procedure?

Ovarian cyst removal is also known as ovarian cystectomy. It involves the surgical removal of cysts that grow on or within the ovaries.

For more information on ovarian cysts and treatment in Singapore, please, check the guide on this page; https://drngkailyn.com/conditions/ovarian-cysts/. Please, note that ovarian cysts don’t have to be removed in all cases.

This is because they usually aren’t harmless and should even resolve on their own. However, there are isolated circumstances that may necessitate their removal.

For example, your women’s health specialist may recommend ovarian cyst removal in Singapore if you’ve developed large-sized cysts that cause you persistent pain or are exhibiting suspicious characteristics of cancer. They may also recommend ovarian cyst removal if your cysts are increasing in size with time.

How long does it take to recover from Ovarian Cyst Removal Surgery?

Ovarian cysts may be removed solely to alleviate the symptoms that come with them for example pain or to prevent complications that may arise. If you’ve been told that they’re being removed because the cysts are suspected of cancer, the purpose is to do away with the possibility of ovarian cancer.

It can be a little uncomfortable getting the news that the best option is to go under the knife for ovarian cyst removal. That’s why many people ask; how long is the recovery from an ovarian cyst removal surgery?

Now, the most direct answer is that you may need between 4 and 6 weeks to fully recover from ovarian cyst removal. If you have a physically demanding job that involve a lot of pushing and lifting of objects around, please consult your doctor before resuming work following the procedure.

How do they remove Ovarian Cysts?

There are multiple approaches to ovarian cyst removal in Singapore. The ideal procedure that your OB/GYN may recommend will be influenced by factors like your age and, most importantly, risk factors for cancer.

That said, before getting the green light to proceed with ovarian cysts removal, you can expect a consultation and thorough evaluation to determine the most procedure for you, depending on your unique condition. Some of the things your surgeon will consider to ensure the best possible outcomes for you include the size and characteristics of the cyst.

You can also expect them to look into your medical history and several other factors they believe can help minimise the risks of complications with the procedure they recommend. There are two surgeries for ovarian cyst removal in Singapore; laparoscopic ovarian cystectomy and open cystectomy or laparotomy.

  • Laparoscopic ovarian cystectomy

Laparoscopic ovarian cystectomy is a minimally invasive technique that offers several advantages over open surgery. During this procedure, your surgeon will make a small incision in your abdomen.

They will then proceed to insert a laparoscope, a slender tube equipped with a camera and light, to visualise your reproductive and pelvic organs. A few small incisions will also be made to introduce specialised surgical instruments, allowing the surgeon to carefully excise the cyst from the ovary.

  • Open cystectomy (laparotomy)

Your surgeon may settle on open cystectomy if you have a particularly large cyst or if there is a suspicion of cancer. It involves a surgical creation of a larger incision in the abdominal region so the surgeon can directly access the ovary.

The most significant advantage that comes with laparotomy is that your surgeon will be able to thoroughly evaluate both the cyst and surrounding tissues to ensure an accurate assessment of any malignancy and comprehensive removal if necessary. As for the drawback, this procedure typically involves a longer recovery period and you may be left with a more noticeable scarring.

How Long After Ovarian Cyst Removal Can I Get Pregnant?

Following your ovarian cyst removal in Singapore, you may be itching just how long you must wait before being able to conceive. As a general rule, you should allow your body enough time to heal before attempting to conceive.

You may need a longer recovery period (depending on the procedure you had) for proper healing and to reduce the risks of complications. Your surgeon may recommend that you wait for 3 to 6 months before attempting to conceive after ovarian cyst removal.

This is important because engaging in sexual activity too soon after surgery can cause damage to the cervix. During the recovery period, be sure to get adequate nutrition.

Also, follow any dietary recommendations your OB/GYN recommends. It would also be best to incorporate functional foods that can enhance health and boost immunity, as advised by your doctor.

Other than conception, you may also wonder, how long to wait before sex after ovarian cyst removal. Now, the specific duration of abstinence from sex, can vary significantly depending on several factors like the type of surgery performed, your overall health, nutritional status, and individual recovery rate.

Let’s take for example, a situation where you had a laparotomy. In this case, it is recommended to wait for a longer period, typically around 4-6 weeks, before resuming sexual activity.

If unsure, please consult with your OB/GYN to determine the optimal timing based on your unique circumstances. In general, though, you prioritise rest.

Also, aim for a balanced diet post-surgery as these will be crucial for promoting healing and your overall well-being. Only when you no longer experience pain in the surgical area and feel that your health has stabilised should you consider engaging in sexual intercourse.

Closing Thoughts

To ensure a successful ovarian cyst removal in Singapore and significantly minimise your risks for complications, take your time to find a skilled gynaecological surgeon. It would be best to seek referrals from trusted healthcare professionals and research your preferred surgeon’s credentials, expertise, and experience.

Pay attention to patient reviews and testimonials. Don’t just research. Be sure also to schedule consultations with potential surgeons so you can ask questions, discuss concerns, and assess their communication style and compatibility with your needs.

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