Repairing Vs Buying New Eyeglasses

Eyes are probably the most fragile organ in our body. That’s why probably manufacturers make eyeglasses very similar. They are also very fragile and if not paid full attention to them, they can easily be smashed and broken.

The full body is made of materials that can easily be damaged. The frames can be made of many different materials but since they are pretty thin, just a little pressure over them can mean the worst. The glass is even more delicate if we don’t take care of it properly. It can be scratched or even completely destroyed after which there’s no going back. Here’s an article on how to be more careful with this issue.

In this article, we’ll talk about what it means to repair or to buy new pairs. When it’s better to fix them, and when it’s smarter to go for new ones. Follow up and learn more!

Eyeglasses are not cheap

Of course that many people would choose to repair their damaged goggles because seeing glasses are simply not cheap. Prescribed or no prescribed, it doesn’t matter, it’s a huge business and no one likes to make compromises with its health.

However, everyone will settle for a repair if this is possible to be done. Some problems are not huge and if this is the case you should go and see what the optician will say about it.

Do the math

Some repairs can also cost a lot. If you break a glass that can’t be fixed you’ll have to make or buy a new one. This can cost you just as if you bought a new pair. That’s why it’s smartest to make a good comparison between the options an optician will give you. If it is wiser to buy new ones, then buy new, if there’s an option to fix the old ones and the price won’t be sky high, than take this option.

It’s always better to aim for new

No matter what you want in life, it’s best if you can afford it brand new. Cars, clothes, glasses, it’s all the same. However, it’s not always possible to have everything new. Sometimes things are not as affordable as we want them, but if you have the chance, don’t make compromises because this is a matter of health issue, and your health always must come first.

Do an eye exam

When an accident happens and you have to think about what you have to do, go and do and see an optometrist. It may be time for new optics and repairing will only do you worse. If the optometrist says that you really do need new ones, you have no need of repairing the old ones. It will be much wiser if you buy new glasses.

Lens damages

When you damage the lenses you shouldn’t make compromises. A damaged lens will harm you even more. This isn’t the time to look for repair shops nor you should continue wearing the broken glasses because seeing through them can make much more serious problems to your already damaged sight.

Frame damages

Frames are completely another story. The frames are just holding the glasses to your face and if it was possible, people would use paper holders that can be changed every few days. So, if you brake the frames it’s completely fine to look for a repair shop. It’s amazing how many glasses repair Houston stores there are. You just need to find the closest and the best ones near you.

A lot of people actually have more frames at home and change them depending on the clothes they wear. For example, if you have a brown suit but black frames, you can buy only the frames and change them for this occasion. It’s a great fashion option that many people take.


The clear decision in this match is – always buy new glasses if you can afford them. If not, then make a comparison and see if you fix the old ones. Still, never make a compromise when your health is in question. If the lens is damaged, then it’s better to buy new ones no matter the price you’ll have to pay for it.

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