Take Anastrozolefor Your Well-Being

When one has got breast cancer after her menopause starts, one feels low as its effects. Some doctors will suggest surgery as a treatment of breast cancer and others will treat it with radiation and other methods. The medication called anastrozole 1 mgis used for such treatment along with other methods for women who has experienced menopause already. The physician will prescribe tamoxifen for treating breast cancer and when the cancer spreads even after this, the next step is anastrozole.  This medication helps in decreasing the quantity of estrogen within the body and thus the growth of cancer cells are slowed down to keep the cancer at bay.

Dose and time – consult physician

When you start taking this medicine, you should consult your doctor on how to use this one effectively. You will have to take this medicine orally with or without food when taking it. Your physician will clarify the ways to you. You will have to take it once in a day in most of the cases. You should never forget to take it even once, as it will hamper the slowing down of the cancerous growth. Try to take the medicine at the same time and you will never forget to recall about taking your pill to life. You should also never increase or decrease the dose as per your wish. The doctor is the best judge on the time factor and the dose of the medicine that is best for you.

Not to be taken when pregnant

You should explain to the physician about your other medications and any special condition that you have. There are often other regular medicines that you must take and you should relate all these to your physician so that the doctor may give you the best advice. You may not take the medicine with some other chemicals or compounds and the physician will know how to deal with such situation. If one is pregnant – one should tell that to the physician too.

The medicine is absorbed through the skin and even through the lungs and taking this into consideration, you may find the unborn baby to be at risk when you are on such medicines. The physician will ask you immediately to stop taking anastrozole 1 mg as it will be extremely harmful for the life within you.

Reactions and observations

This one is a type of medicine that are nonsteroidal and these are also called aromatase inhibitors. These work with the human body by lowering the estrogen within the body and thus slowing down breast cancer. This prevents the estrogen to flow within the cells and the cancer growth is hampered to some extent. You should take this one orally and you must check for any reactions or allergic eruptions on your body when you start taking this medication. You must tell it to your doctor so that the alternate can be arranged. You should also mention all the medications that you are taking and this includes any one that is taken for hormone replacement therapy. The medicine is good for many and you should also start using it with caution so that you get the positive effects and if you have any complaints, you must consult your doctor immediately.

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