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Things to Do or Avoid in Preparation for Laser Hair Removal

After going through the options for hair removal, you might realize that waxing and shaving are ineffective. They might remove hair temporarily, but it will come back quickly. You even risk experiencing cuts because of shaving. The pain you will experience when waxing is also beyond compare.

Laser hair removal is a pain-free option, and it does not take much time to finish. It uses laser technology to target unwanted hairs in your body. You might be familiar with the use of lasers in other ways, and you worry that it could damage your skin. For laser hair removal treatment, there will be special settings to ensure that your skin will not suffer.

Talk to an expert first or go to the laser hair removal clinic for a consultation. Ask questions about the procedure if you are unsure about it. For instance, you can go to the laser hair removal Edmonton clinic and discuss the details you need to know, including the actual procedure, cost, and possible side effects. Take your time to think about this plan and book an appointment if you are ready.

Here are some tips to help you as you prepare yourself to undergo the procedure.

Shave the area 

Whether you want to shave your legs or back, you need to shave the area first before heading to the clinic. You might have to reschedule if you failed to shave before the treatment. You also cannot do it on the spot since you need to wait for some time for the skin to heal after shaving.

Avoid exposure to the sun 

Try wearing long pants if you want the procedure on your legs or long sleeves for the arms. Make sure that you keep the target area protected from the sun at least seven days before the treatment. Exposure to UV rays is unhealthy and could adversely impact the results. If you get sunburnt, you need to wait for two weeks before doing this treatment to avoid further skin damage.

Apply numbing cream in advance 

Although laser hair removal is painless, it might still cause slight irritation and discomfort. You can use a numbing cream if necessary. Make sure that you do it 30-40 minutes before the treatment begins. Once you start the laser hair removal, you need to be free from any skin products.

Do not exfoliate 

Avoid using exfoliating products before the procedure. If you tried using chemical peels or other laser procedures for a different purpose, you need to postpone your plans. You will need to wait for two more weeks before it is safe to do laser hair removal.

Do not wax or pluck your hair 

Shaving is the only acceptable hair removal method you should do before doing this procedure. It is necessary since you need short hairs for the treatment. Waxing and plucking are a big no. Make sure that the last time you did them was two weeks ago; otherwise, you need to wait until your skin is ready.

You are now ready for the procedure, and you can expect dramatic results once it is over.

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