Understanding Tips to Clean Invisalign Trays

Misaligned teeth have the best solution in the form of Invisalign which is considered one of the most reformative treatment procedures for people. It is one of the most hassle-free procedures, in which you don’t have to worry about wires, sores, swelling, or rashes in the mouth. There will be nothing that will be stuck in the aligners. Therefore, it is highly used by people but with this you should also know that there must be proper cleaning tips for Invisalign. 

You should know how to clean the Invisalign aligners so that they can maintain their clean look for a longer period. Thus, in this article, we will be discussing some of the important points to clean the aligners. However, if you are also looking for a solution for your dental problems in Fort Myers, then you can visit a Fort Myers dentist to learn more about the treatment in detail. 

What is better, cleaning or rinsing for the Invisalign aligners? 

When we talk about cleaning the aligners, you must know the difference between cleaning and rinsing. People often get confused as to which procedure they should adopt. Rinsing the aligners will make them look cleaner, and therefore, it is one of the effective ways to keep them bacteria-free. You can also follow the below tips to clean the aligners. 

  • You must rinse the aligners every night with clean water. 
  • Brush the aligners gently with soft-bristled brushes and ensure that there is no room for bacteria on the aligners. Try to remove the food debris from the aligners or any other such food particles that might have been accumulated on the aligners. 
  • Once you are done with the cleaning of the aligners, you must rinse them thoroughly and store it in a protective case so that you can use it without any hassle. 

How often should you clean the aligners? 

It is also one of the common questions among people how often they must clean the aligners. As per research, it is said that you must clean the aligners every night as you clean your teeth. It will help you to remove the food debris and ensure that there is no room for bacteria build-up in the aligners. 

Additionally, there is another suggestion that you must clean the aligners whenever you find them dirty. It is important otherwise, it will lead to some visibility issues on the aligners and it would look pale. 

In addition to this, whenever you take out your aligners, you must ensure that you are cleaning them carefully and keeping them for your secured usage next time. 

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