What Is PDO Threadlift with Collagen PDO Melting Thread Technique – Some Benefits

PDO threadlift with collagen is a technique that has become quite popular in the world of cosmetic procedures. In the world of a facelift, this technique has become quite popular because of its effectiveness.

Retens is a one-stop destination for finding the best facelift solutions in the world of cosmetic procedures. This 無針埋線 [meaning needleless thread insertion] technique is followed in various steps and the effect will surely make you not only look a decade younger but also feel younger than your actual age. Check their webpage for more information.

Why Choose PDO Threadlift Technique

Many reasons can make you choose PDO threadlift technique.

They are listed below. 

  • Immediate and also noticeable effect on your face
  • You will feel more radiant and your skin feels more rejuvenated
  • The pores that have sagged on your facial skin will be tightened to their former self
  • Skin will feel fairer and also brightened
  • The density of the dermis and also the feel of elasticity will be experienced within the next 4 weeks after the treatment

Thread Implantation without Using a Needle

This is a procedure where the patients can experience 無針埋線效果 [meaning needleless thread embedding effect] after the procedure. The patients will be sedated first before the procedure. The experts will then start inserting threads into the epidermal layer that covers the neck and facial regions. This is even regarded as an unobtrusive technique.

The procedure will be done by embedding thread into the dermal layer with the help of little entry points in the dermal layer. The healing time will not be more than 2 to 3 days and you can get back to your normal routine. You might feel a little sense of draining or other such effects, but these effects will reside within a week after the treatment.

The process of the PDO threadlift technique can be done either alone or by blending with some other techniques such as, 

  • Fat exchange and dermal tissue fillers
  • Miniature needle technique
  • Thickening and fixing of the dermal layer along with the pore-tightening technique
  • Some exclusive sets of laser techniques
  • Limited vein treatments

Many things matter about the effects that you will experience after the threadlift technique. They are, 

  • The thread that is used in the technique
  • The type of cycle that is utilized
  • Whether you chose to merge the treatment with some other technique or just thought of going solo with this procedure

The overall cost for the procedure of PDO threadlift with collagen PDO melting thread varies from one another. If you wish to go solo with the procedure, then the cost will be decided based on the type of thread that is chosen, the condition of your skin, the cycle that is chosen for the treatment, and so on.

If you wish to merge the PDO threadlift with collagen PDO melting thread with some other facelift option, then the cost will vary accordingly. The experienced source that you choose for getting the best hifu 效果 [meaning hifu effect] after the procedure will also affect the overall cost.

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