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How to select the best hair transplant clinic in your area?

Hair loss is a common issue which is frequently seen in both the genders. It has been seen to lower one’s self confidence and self-esteem as the appearance of the person is significantly important in personal and work place relations. Henceforth, a wide range of people are looking for solutions to correct their hair loss and baldness, however, they are unable to avail them because of lack of proper knowledge. This has been reported that for the permanent restoration of the hairs, surgical hair transplantation is the most reliable method.

Now, the question arises how to select the best and trustworthy surgeon for hair transplant apart from the wide range of clinics on internet which claim to be the best. It is rather unfortunate that most of the clinics just concentrate on the monetary benefits, and not on the patient satisfaction and ethical practice. Also, some clinics do not have the qualified and experienced surgeons which are skilled to perform hair transplant procedure.

 Education credentials:

To gain efficiency and expertise in handling hair follicle units, it requires years of practice, artistic approach and profound medical knowledge. So it should always be kept in mind that we select a surgeon who has the appropriate qualifications and suitable experience in performing this complex and technique sensitive procedure. The doctor should be a qualified plastic and aesthetic surgeon who has completed MS and MCh from accredited institutes. Also, the surgeon must be recognised by the Medical Council of India (MCI).

Success rate:

The success rate of the patients is very important in considering selection of the surgeon. Being a technique sensitivity procedure, it is quite difficult to attain high success rate. A highly qualified and experienced surgeon only can do the procedure efficiently with high success rate.

Patient satisfaction

The success rate should be checked from the reviews for surgeon or can be asked directly from surgeon’s previous patients. Only a surgeon with high success rate and equally satisfied patients should be considered for the hair transplant.


As depicted earlier, the hair transplant surgery is a technique sensitive and complex surgical procedure. Also, it should be taken in consideration that the number of patients successfully treated by the surgeon is more important than the experience in number of years. Only a highly experienced surgeon should be selected for the procedure.

Facilities in the clinic

The hair transplant clinic should be equipped with latest technologies required for the procedure. It is a well-known fact that in the absence of required instruments and equipment required for the surgery, even the best doctor cannot perform the procedure efficiently. A consultation appointment should be scheduled at the clinic and the facilities available at the clinic should be observed. The equipment used for the surgery should be up to date, sterilised and adequate measures should be followed by to keep the operation theatre germ free.


The clinical staff should be well trained, friendly, approachable, and cautious. As hair transplant procedure is a team effort requiring effort from everyone including surgeon, technicians and nurses, without the availability of good staff, even an experienced doctor will be unable to do his best work.


Now, let’s talk about one of the important resort considered for hair transplant surgery, the cost of the treatment. Firstly, I would like to state that we should never fall in the trap of hefty discounts for the surgery. If hair transplant is once done using a faulty technique; it is quite difficult to correct it. These discounts and ridiculously low costs are offered by some clinics which are not technically up to date and does not have qualified surgeon. So, we should confirm this in detail from the clinic before undergoing the procedure. The price should be justifiable based on the skills of the surgeon and facilities provided by the clinic. The cost of hair transplant in India done by top rated surgeons worldwide is almost one-fourth of the cost in US, UK, and UAE.

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