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6 Signs of Dementia to Look Out For

If you’re concerned about dementia, then you’re not alone. Statistics show that as many as one out of five adults is affected by dementia.  Whether you’re concerned for yourself, or someone you love, an early diagnosis is the best way to handle this condition. To help you identify dementia early on, here are some of the biggest warning signs to look out for.

Short Term Memory Loss

One of the first signs is struggling to remember things that you just learned. Perhaps it’s someone’s name, or an item you added to your grocery list. If you find yourself having a hard time remembering seemingly simple information that just entered your brain, then this could be a serious sign that should be explored further.

Language Struggles

Language can start to be affected by dementia, and you may find that you forget words altogether, or substitute words with something that has nothing to do with the context. If you notice that you or someone you love is having problems expressing themselves, then this could be an indication of developing dementia. 

Although it’s not a foolproof indication that someone has 100% started developing dementia, it could be a sign so it should not be ignored.

Confusion About Whereabouts

Another big indication is not being sure where you are or what’s happening. Are you confused about what month it is, what day it is, or even where you are? Any sort of confusion about where you are is a call for concern. Disorientation is a problem amongst dementia sufferers, and it can be dangerous since they can find themselves lost.

Trouble With Numbers

Numbers and symbols can start to become nothing but images for dementia sufferers. They may not understand how numbers work, or what exactly their purpose is. So, something as simple as writing a check could become a monumental task.  If you start to notice that your loved one has trouble identifying numbers or doing simple math, don’t ignore this sign, as it may be a serious indication of developing dementia.

Mood Swings

Extreme mood swings can be a sign of a bigger problem. People with dementia can often find themselves going from one extreme to the next within a matter of moments. One second they’re elated, and the next second they’re enraged. If you notice that your loved one is starting to exhibit this kind of behavior as a result of no apparent cause, then it’s important you take note.

Losing Things

Everybody misplaces things from time to time.  However, at some point, it can start to become a serious problem. With advanced dementia, you can start to misplace just about everything, and even put things in odd places. For example, perhaps they put the telephone in the shower, or their pants in the garage. As dementia takes over more and more, they may become utterly confused about where things go, and where to find them.

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