8 Things You Should Know Before Treating Your Scars with Laser

Laser technology is certainly amazing but it doesn’t mean that it will magically make any scar disappear.

Before you pursue any type of cosmetic treatment, it’s important to know the facts so that you know exactly what to expect before, during and after your treatment. If you are considering laser treatments as a way to reduce the appearance of your scars, there are a couple things that you should know.

What You Need to Know Before Laser Scar Therapy

  1. Your scar won’t disappear completely

Unfortunately, laser therapy will never be able to completely remove your scar. What it can do is reduce the appearance of your scars so that they’re less noticeable. Laser treatments can also prevent the formation of a raised scar after surgery, reduce scar-related pain and increase your range of motion in areas where scarring has occurred.

  1. The clinician performing your treatment will impact your results

In the hands of an inexperienced laser technician, a laser can do more harm than good, which is not something you want when you’re actually trying to get rid of a scar. Your clinician needs to have the necessary qualifications and experience to be able to provide you with the best results so choose wisely. You can find out more about what to expect from a reputable laser clinic by visiting https://www.clinicalase.com.au/pico-genesis/

  1. Sun protection is very important

Making sure that your skin is well protected from the harmful rays of the sun is something you should be doing before and after your laser scar treatment. Sunburnt and tanned skin cannot be treated with a laser and since your skin will be sensitive after your treatment, it’s best to use a good sunscreen in the weeks leading up to and following your treatment.

  1. You will need to schedule a consultation first

Not everyone is a suitable candidate for laser scar therapy, which is why you will need to schedule a consultation with a reputable clinic before you can go ahead with your treatments. During your consultation, your skin will be examined and your medical history will be discussed. You will also need to tell your clinician about any medications and supplements that you’re currently taking.

  1. You may require multiple treatments

While each patient’s case is unique, there is a good chance that you will require more than one laser treatment to see the results you’re hoping for. A series of treatments will also provide you with the best long-term results.

  1. You will need to prepare for your laser treatments

There are a few lifestyle changes that you will need to make before your treatment to ensure that your skin heals quickly and properly. Most clinics will ask you to stop taking certain supplements and medications and to stop smoking a week or two before your treatments. These details will be discussed with you during your consultation.

  1. Patience is key

The results of your treatments won’t be immediate and you may need to wait a month or two before you will see the full results.

  1. Your insurance won’t cover your treatments

Since laser therapy is considered cosmetic, your insurance provider will not pay for your treatments, which means that you will need to prepare to cover these costs yourself.

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