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Guide to Lasik Surgery: What you must know?

Have you been thinking of going for a Lasik surgery? If you are younger than 40 years and have been using glasses or contact lenses, then Lasik surgery can be a great advantage to you. Getting operated at the right age is essential as the eligibility criteria for the surgery.

In simple terms most people who are using glasses are recommended for the surgery to get rid of the glasses permanently. Lasik is a painless and quick surgery. Most people go for it considering the cost-effectiveness in the long run. It is like a onetime investment.

Guide to Lasik Surgery: What you must know?

Lasik eye surgery is conducted by creating a flap in the cornea. In short, the surgeon takes support of laser to reshape the cornea so that the refraction issues in the eye can be cleared making your vision clearer.

The standard process of Lasik surgery is explained below for your easy reference:

  1. The patient is given eye drops to numb the eyes several times at intervals before the surgery can take place.
  2. A flap instrument is adjusted to hold the eyelids.
  3. The patient is advised to focus at a certain arrangement of light. Meanwhile, the surgeon activates the instrument to begin the surgery.
  4. The team slowly begins to reshape the cornea.
  5. The flap of the cornea is repositioned.

It looks simple for us to read but, there are highly skilled and experienced professionals who perform this task so that it looks simple and easy.

You may also have to perform some post-surgery after care tips so that the healing can quickly complete its process too.

Following are 5 basic aftercare tips you must consider post Lasik surgery:

  1. Keep a cold compress handy in your refrigerator. Once you come back home, you won’t be able to step out until the healing is complete.
  2. Take a shower from head. Most patients are advised not to shower from head and use shampoo post-surgery for few days. Thus, you will need to keep some patience until you can shampoo your hair again.
  3. Find out alternatives for entertainment. You will not be advised to stick to the screen for a long time regardless of TV or mobile.
  4. Ask the doctor from when you can start your routine chores. Until then, you may need someone’s support in cooking, cleaning, and driving.
  5. Take ample of rest during the healing process.

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