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Signs That You Need to Call for an Ambulance

Ambulances play an important role in saving the lives of people. In case an emergency arises, you need to call an ambulance right away and take the patient to the hospital. Ambulances are equipped with lifesaving machines and equipment that can mean the difference between life and death in most cases. However, many people are unable to figure out the signs that they need to take a patient to the emergency room right away. The first responders play a crucial role in saving the lives of others, so it’s recommended that you know about the obvious signs that someone might be in an emergency and needs medical assistance. Here are some pretty common signs that you need to call for an ambulance in a big city like Bangkok for someone right away.

Serious Accidents and Injuries

This is arguably the first instance, and the most common. If you see that there has been a serious car accident or if someone has sustained a serious injury, don’t think twice before you call an ambulance. In fact, paramedics also say that you should avoid handling or moving the injured person at all. This could exacerbate the injury. Instead, stay by their side and just call an ambulance right away. The paramedics are trained to deal with such situations, so wait for their response. The response time for ambulances throughout Thailand is pretty low, so one is going to arrive right away.

Seizures and Fits

Seizures and fits can lead to a person’s death if they are not attended to right away. In case a person has a seizure, there are some pretty common signs that will help you confirm this. A person suffering a seizure usually starts shaking violently, and you might not be able to hold them. As oxygen is cut off to the brain, the motor skills are the first to give way, so a person who is walking on the street might end up falling to the ground and may begin to start shaking violently. If you know basic CPR, give them that and wait for the paramedics to arrive. If you want to call an ambulance in Bangkok, you should call the emergency numbers right away.


A heart attack is a very serious thing, and can occur in various ways. For some people, it proves to be quite serious, and they immediately fall to the ground and lose consciousness. For others, it manifests in different ways. A silent heart attack, for instance, may come and pass without any sign whatsoever. However, most people usually start feeling a sharp pain in their left arm, which extends all the way to their shoulder. Then, they start sweating profusely until the pain continues to increase. In such cases, an emergency angioplasty is the best option. They need to be taken to the hospital right away, so you have to call an ambulance. The paramedics can provide emergency treatment until the patient reaches the hospital and are taken into emergency care.

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