Top Reasons to See a Periodontist for Your Gum Health

A periodontist is an experienced dentist who majorly deals with gum-related problems. Gum diseases are a prominent dental problem that results in loss of teeth or serious health problems. In general cases, a dentist can suggest solutions. However, if the case becomes complex, you may contact a periodontist in Dedham, MA. This article highlights the top reasons to get in touch with a periodontist. Let’s dive in! 

Reasons To See A Periodontist For Your Gum Health 

1. Their bite changes 

A periodontist is a gum-health dentist whom you must contact if you feel changes in biting and chewing. Changes in your biting patterns may result in severe gum problems. That’s when a periodontist conducts a detailed diagnosis and suggests a tailored treatment plan. 

2. Inflamed gums 

Another major reason why you must contact a periodontist is if you spot inflamed or swollen gums. Your gums should not bleed during brushing. If you spot bleeding gums during brushing, you are at a higher risk of developing gum problems. 

3. Loose teeth 

A person may have gum disease if they observe that some of their teeth are coming loose. If the infection is not treated, the tooth will eventually fall out completely. Individuals who have loose teeth should consult a periodontist very often.

4. Receding gums 

As people age, it is normal for their gums to recede, although this recession shouldn’t be obvious. Gum disease may be indicated if the recession is severe enough to cause the patient’s teeth to seem longer than they actually are. Getting examined at a clinic is the only way to find out for sure. 

5. Discomfort and pain in gums 

Do you continuously have pain and discomfort in your gums? Gum diseases result in underlying pain and around the teeth. If the pain increases, the person’s condition starts to deteriorate. A periodontist recommends immediate treatment to prevent permanent tooth damage.

Wrapping Up  

A periodontist focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of gum diseases. Further, they suggest preventive measures for periodontal disease. General dentists can handle a wide range of dental conditions, including gum disease. After dental school, these experts receive several years of further training to further their knowledge of gum-related problems. They are, therefore, the most qualified individuals on the planet to handle any gum-related issue. 

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